Congratulations, you just signed your Will and your Revocable Trust.  You set out clear directions on how your assets should pass at your death.  Your heirs will be grateful.  But there is more you can do to ease the burden of estate administration – you can fund your Revocable Trust while you are alive. Set

Many people tend to believe that estate planning is something they can do once, and it is done. They made decisions several years ago about who should receive their assets after their death, who should serve as executor to administer their estates, and who should be the guardians for minor children. Congratulations on getting this

With so many people fleeing their northern home states and heading south for a sunnier lifestyle, it’s more important than ever to understand the process of changing domicile and residence. On this week’s episode, Partner Michael Clear travels to sunny Florida and chats with Florida-based Partner Veronica Bauer on the necessary “checklist” to declare domicile

The year 2024 brings new changes to estate and gift tax laws in the United States, with updated exemptions, rates and regulations affecting taxpayers at both federal and state levels. As we settle into the new year, it is important to stay informed about the latest updates and requirements to ensure proper planning and compliance.

Domicile is a subjective concept — it depends on your intent. However, when disputes arise over a person’s domicile, courts look at a number of objective factors to aid them in determining a person’s domicile. The following list contains some of the factors courts have considered as indicative of an intent to establish domicile in

Special Considerations Regarding Domicile in Florida

Though the words are often used interchangeably in casual conversation, domicile and residence are two distinct legal concepts.  Your domicile is the place you intend to make your home.  You may be a resident of more than one state, but you are domiciled in only one state.  Domicile is

Ownership of real property in multiple states can raise many estate planning issues. How the property is titled (i.e., whether the property is owned directly or through an entity, such as a trust or a limited liability company, may have a dramatic impact on the settlement of your estate and the taxes due. Fortunately, there

Every month, the IRS publishes “applicable federal rates” (AFRs) and a § 7520 rate. These are the rates prescribed by the IRS for use by taxpayers for various intra-family transactions and estate planning vehicles. Importantly, these rates have steadily increased over the last few years.

The July 2023 AFRs have been released. The current short-