Fiduciary and Probate Litigation

Sometimes, a Trustee of an irrevocable trust needs guidance on properly administrating a trust or seeking formal approval for their actions. Historically, in Connecticut, the Probate Courts have served that function. Probate Courts provide a forum for a Trustee to raise questions or to seek formal approval of the Trustee’s actions. That could include seeking clarification

Following up an advisory we published last year (click here to read), we offer this update on recent developments in the case of Salce v. Cardello that may have meaningful implications for the use and enforcement of no contest clauses in wills and trusts.

In a narrow and unusual ruling, the Connecticut Supreme Court denied

Highlighted in re Jones v. Jones, 103 Mass. App. Ct. 223 (2023)

In a troubling ruling that potentially could impact estate planning across the country, a Massachusetts appellate court ruled that the corpus of a discretionary trust created by a parent in Michigan, for the benefit of an adult child living in Massachusetts, could be